Microsoft has been recognized as a leading entity in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms.

The evolving landscape of cybersecurity presents ongoing challenges for global defenders. As hybrid work becomes a norm and novel threats like Ransomware as a Service emerge, organizations require a partner that offers not just advanced endpoint security but also a comprehensive solution aiding security teams in combating sophisticated attacks. Concurrently, organizations are mindful of budget and resource limitations.

Microsoft is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of security teams with top-tier capabilities. This approach transcends isolated security tools, providing an integrated extended detection and response (XDR) system encompassing security across endpoints, identity, email, and cloud applications.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a top-tier, cloud-based endpoint security solution that provides comprehensive protection. It includes endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, defense against mobile threats, and integrated vulnerability management.

Refer to my series of ‘Getting Started‘ guides to begin using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

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