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How to verify your domain’s Email security in 60 seconds

OK, It’s 2024 and we all know this means that Google, Yahoo, and others are scheduled to start tightening their rules on acceptance of non-authenticated emails.  And you’ve probably been through the setup process for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC and are crossing your fingers that everything is working correctly and that your emails are making passing grades and not being treated unfairly. 

Want to run a quick test to see if your Email Authentication settings are working properly?  It’s not hard… and you can test a single email-sending system in under two minutes using any of the three methods below.

Use MXToolBox’s Email Deliverability Tool 


  1. Send an email from the system you wish to test to [email protected]
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  2. Wait approximately one minute and you should receive an email reply containing your results.  Then click on the big red link to view your full deliverability report.
  3. Look at the Delivery Information section.  Here you want to see a green checkmark for each of the following five tests:
    1. DMARC Compliant
    2. SPF Alignment
    3. SPF Authenticated
    4. DKIM Alignment
    5. DKIM Authenticated

This is a bad result:

  • SPF passes authentication… but fails domain alignment
  • DKIM also passes, but fails alignment
  • DMARC fails because neither SPF nor DKIM passed AND aligned

This is a perfect result:

  • SPF passes and is domain-aligned
  • DKIM passes and is domain-aligned
  • DMARC passes because of both of the above… but only one was required.

If you need help implementing SPF, DKIM and DMARC look at this article.
If this all overwelming for you send me a message under contact page. And lets see if we can help you. And set you on the right track.

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